I started this site on probiotics to create a page where anyone can come and learn about the benefits of probiotics.

Hello my name is Lane.

I’ve been using probiotics to help my digestion for a while now and it has been very helpful.

I don’t have any major problems that I would call digestive problems but when I take probiotics I notice that I have less gas and that I was slightly bloated. My wife is happy about less gas for obvious reasons but I’m happy about it because I know that I’m breaking the food down that I eat and I have less inflammation in my intestines.

I started using Probiotics

I first stared using probiotics along with my wife who has had problems with bloating, heartburn and stomach pain. I had her start using them a year or so ago because she was experiencing a lot of different symptoms related to problems with her digestion. Constipation, diarrhea, stomach pain, sensitivity to a lot of different food, occasional heart burn and a couple others that I forget. Either way the oral probiotics that she takes help a lot.

Anyway I’ll be posting informative information on this site about probiotics, where to buy probiotics and which ones I think are good enough to make the cut for your gut.

==>This is the probiotic that I recommend to help with your digestive problems.

Eventually I plan on posting some how to info for making probiotic food and drinks but before I make recommendations I like to test things out on myself.

Good luck with your digestive health,