Tips for Probiotic use

If you want to increase the number of good bacteria in your gut here are 6 tips to consider

Avoid these common things that wipe out your good probiotic bacteria:

  1. Perscription antibiotics kill good and bad bacteria so if you’re taking antiboitics take a probiotic at the same time.
  2. Limit your medications (obviously take what your doctor prescribes but talk about the necessity of each medication and don’t forget about over the counter meds that you take).
  3. There are hundreds of chemicals that we come in contact with daily. Chlorine in your probiotics, chlorine kills good bacteria, drinking water kill a lot of nasty things that you and I don’t want to ingest but chlorine also kills the probiotic bacteria in your gut. FILTER YOUR WATER.
  4. Sugar is like fertilizer for bad bacteria so do yourself a favor and limit sugar as much as possible.
  5. GMO food have also been linked to decreases in the good bacteria in our digestive tract so avoid them when possible.
  6. Stress has been known for years to cause digestive problems and it also causes problems for the probiotics that we’re trying to encourage to thrive in our gut. If you want better digestion learn to relax.

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Are there side effects of taking probiotics?

You bet there are and I’ll explain the major side effect of taking probiotics.

Not everyone who takes probiotic will have a side effect but when you begin taking probiotics the symptoms you are trying to improve may actually get worse and you may also feel like you have a cold or the flu.

Don’t panic this is called a Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction or Herx reaction. 

This reaction may seem like a spastic colon becoming more spastic but be patient this reaction is just a sign of what is happening inside your digestive tract.

Some people develop a rash or a skin condition gets worse for others it may be increased diarrhea or gas.

This happens when bacteria and other micro-organisms die as part of that process they give of endotoxins.

Your body works to eliminate these endotoxins but if your body can’t keep up with the load then you develop symptoms or your regular symptom may get worse.

If this happens to you it may last for a couple of days to a couple of weeks. Also if you have a worsening of symptoms when you start taking probiotics or when increasing the dose you can reduce the dose you are taking and this will help reduce the duration of the symptoms.

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In addition to taking a probiotic supplement it’s a good idea to add probiotic foods to your diet and some prebiotic foods to help your probiotics thrive.

Like I mentioned on my About page I will eventually add some  how to information about these.

One last tip. A little heard of tip is to cut fiber out of your diet for a short period (1-2 day) because fiber also promotes the bad bacteria. More on this later.